On request, we can produce the perfect sleeving according to your wishes.

Braided sleeves made of aramid

Light, tough, resistant; braided sleeves made of aramid

They are popular and versatile and can be used in a wide range of industries: Aramid braided hoses. The fibers of the golden yellow organic synthetic fiber are mainly used in the heavy industry and in the automotive industry. They are also used as braiding for pressure absorption, cable manufacture, as a composite material, as a splitter and fire protection, as a seal and reinforcement or as an aster set. In the sports industry, too, they can not be imagined without their tensile and tear strength for sails, reef cords or fangle lines.

Aramid braided sleevings: resistance at the highest level

The beauty: Aramid braided sleevings are not only versatile, they also have excellent properties. And yet the high impact strength, the perfect breaking strength and the enormous strength are only three of the many elementary characteristics of the synthetic fiber. Aramid braided sleevings are additionally very resistant to heat and fire. At temperatures of up to +180 degrees, they retain their excellent properties and keep higher temperatures without problems. The synthetic fiber is self-extinguishing and does not melt, but begins to carbonize at around +400 degrees. Good vibration damping and the resistance of the tough material are among the most important factors of an aramid braided sleevings. Whether fuels, seawater or lubricants: braided sleevings made of aramid can withstand these conditions without problems. At the same time, the braided sleevings made of aramid are corrosion resistant, non-conductive and pleasantly light.

Braided sleevings made of Aramid: Important advantages in detail

  • High elongation and strength
  • Self-extinguishing and fusible
  • Maintains up to 180 degrees its excellent characteristics and charred from 400 degrees
  • High resistance to combustion and lubricants
  • Good vibration damping and high impact strength
  • Maximum fire and heat resistance of the material

Aramid braided sleeves now available at Klotz Flechtschläuche

We would be pleased to offer you our versatile selection of braided sleevings made of Aramid. Aramid braided sleevings are available in a range of 2 mm in our range. Your big advantage: we are not only dealers, but also manufacturers of our high-quality products. This ensures you the best quality and also individual and special solutions for your company. Our braided sleeves made of Aramid are available in many different diameters. Intermediate sizes included! They tell us your wishes – we do it!

Contact us. We are happy to help.

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