On request, we can produce the perfect sleeving according to your wishes.

Monofilament braided sleevings made of polyamide 6.6 / polyester

Resistance to mechanical stress: braided sleevings made of polyamide 6.6 (monofil) or polyester

Whether for the protection of cable trees, for rail traffic, vehicle and plant engineering or for robots and machines: braided sleevings made of monofilaments have many fields of application and are flexible and versatile in application.

Particularly suitable are monofilament braided sleevings for use and use under difficult conditions. They are extremely abrasion-resistant, self-extinguishing and halogen-free, as well as free of cadmium and formaldehyde. Particularly popular are monofilament braided sleevings because of their highly flexible properties and the low weight, which make the processing and the use particularly pleasant. Monofilament braided sleevings are characterized by their low weight and are easy to process. Bonus for the environment: the monofilament braided sleevings are recyclable!

Due to its open and light structure, the braided sleeving also offers the ability to dry particularly quickly if it has once become moist. Despite the high stiffness, monofilament braided sleevings can also be drawn over irregular shapes or surfaces. The application range of our braided sleevings made of heat-stabilized polyamide 6.6 is -55 to +180 degrees. The best application temperature for polyester is between -55 and +150 degrees.

Monofilament braided sleevingsd made of polyamide and polyester for block braid sleevings

Cross your heart: a product not only depends on the quality but also on individual tailoring, the perfect advice and a fast service. How good that you can get all of this with Klotz Flechtschläuche – and a little more! We guarantee above all an adaptation to your individual needs. Because we are not only dealers, we are also manufacturers of our high-quality products. The monofilament braided sleevings are available in dimensions between 2 mm and 200 mm. In general, we use black or gray material, but we are also happy to tailor the colors to your needs, make the braided sleevings according to your individual color or use color codes.

The monofilament braided sleevigs are mainly used where high mechanical stress prevails. Other fields of application include monofilament braided sleevings in automotive, machine and plant construction as well as surface protection for foamed insulation.

Contact us. We are happy to help.

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