We produce and deliver sleevings made of Polyamid 6.6 in measurements starting at 2mm up to 150mm. The standard colour is black. On request we are able to produce other colours as well. Coloured core threads for identification purposes can also be added.

The temperature range for these sleevings lies between -55°C and +180°C (heat-stabilized). The melting point is located at +255°C. Sleevings made of Polyamid 6.6 are highly flexibel and self-extinguishing. Another main feature is the low weight and the high tensile strength. The sleevings are free of Cadmium, Formaldehyde and Halogene.

When wet sleevings made of Polyamid 6.6  - compared to a dense tube - dry out again completely thanks to its open structure. The sleevings are easy to process and are fully recycable.

Polyamid sleevings are used in environments with a high mechanical load. Further fields of application are as protective sleevings in automotive engineering, robot, machine and plant manufacturing. They are also used as surface protection for foamed isolations

A summary of the above mentioned properties can be downloaded here.